'It could be me': Cyclists worried after fatal hit and run

By Matthew Kupfer, CBC News Ottawa, May 17, 2019

Cyclists are raising safety concerns about the block of Laurier Avenue where a fatal hit and run happened Thursday morning.

Ottawa police are continuing to investigate the cause of the collision near the corner of Laurier and Elgin Street that killed an unidentified man between age 55 and 60.

They released a description and photo of the suspected driver, who left his vehicle a block away, fled on foot and has not been found.

Anabel Beaudry-Sarazin returned after seeing the aftermath of the collision on her way to work. She said she was there before paramedics arrived.

"From the time I saw it [until I got] to work, I cried. It's hard because you think 'It could be me,'" she said.

"I'm afraid every day when I pass there because it's in the middle of two car lanes. Everybody must be careful."


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