Beer, biodiversity, and little brown bats: Welcome to Peterborough’s Conservation Café

By David Rockne Corrigan, TVO, May 16, 2019

PETERBOROUGH — A group of conservation scientists walks into a bar — the Publican House Brewery on Charlotte Street, to be precise. Around a table on the second floor, they sip beer and talk shop.

“Biodiversity, that belongs to everybody,” says Christina Davy, a research scientist and adjunct professor in Trent University’s environmental and life sciences graduate program. “It’s really neat to be able to share that with other people so that they feel ownership of all the cool things that are out there that maybe they don’t get to see themselves. But we can show it to them.”

Although there’s plenty of socializing, this isn’t a casual get-together: it’s the third instalment in the monthly Conservation Café series organized by the newly formed Trent Research Group for Communicating Conservation Science. The aim is to help experts share their research and insights with the public.

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