Today's letters: What about all the weed, Margaret Trudeau?

By Henry Jones and Stig Harvor, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, May 15, 2019

(...)Give rivers back their shorelines

Re: Flood prevention is cheaper than cleaning up after, May 9.

“Flooding” is a human experience, not a natural event. Hard-built environment where the river runs will meet water from time to time. Don’t hard-build where water needs to go. No dwellings, berms, dikes, levees, seawalls, dams, diversions etc. below the highest high water mark, plus an additional 50-metre setback.

(...)Flooding is teaching us a wider lesson

I hate to say so but there is a good thing about the recurring springtime flooding in many Ontario areas: These calamities may make all of us more aware of the reality of climate change.

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