‘We do not kill trees’: Kemptville tree nursery board chair corrects recent inaccurate headlines

By Paulina Hrebacka, InsideOttawaValley, May 8, 2019

Representatives from the Ferguson Tree Nursery in Kemptville attended the North Grenville committee of the whole meeting on May 7 to clarify some inaccuracies that have been published in the media this week.

It was reported that as a result of the provincial government’s cuts to funding for the 50 Million Tree Program, the local tree nursery would have to kill up to 3 million trees that would otherwise go unpurchased and unplanted, since the program has been cancelled and the nursery does not have the demand for the volume of seedlings without it

(...)Patchell said the 50 Million Tree Program made 40 per cent of the tree nursery’s annual income, but they will be rolling out some strategies for recovery.


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