Today's letters: On derailed trains, crime and racism, and the tree farm

By W.J. Prickett and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, May 8, 2019

Don’t give us the brush-off over derailed train

Re: LRT train derailment at Belfast Yards a ‘perfectly normal’ occurrence, says RTG, May 3.

How many derailments do the Japanese bullet trains suffer? Or even the Toronto or Montreal subways? Surely, when a system has announced one delay after another, and one of the major participants is known to be facing criminal charges elsewhere, taxpayers deserve something better than the “perfectly normal” brush-off. How about some comparative numbers?

(...)Offer trees at reasonable price to the public

Re: Rescue plan trying to take root to save three million tiny trees threatened by budget cuts, May 7.

It’s too bad our province is so close to being bankrupt that we have to discontinue the tree-planting program. These kinds of decisions aren’t made without thought, as some would suggest. Every program that is discontinued or changed draws strong criticism from people who have a close relationship or a vested interest in the specific program; however you can only overspend for so long, then it catches up with you and you’re out of options.

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