Communication between governments key to handling future floods: Ottawa Riverkeeper

By Jeff Slack, 1310 News, May 7, 2019

Patrick Nadeau, Executive Director of the Ottawa Riverkeeper, believes communication between all levels of government and whether to allow people to rebuild on known flood plains are some examples he feels are important moving forward.

Residents affected by flooding in the Ottawa region are at a stand still, as water levels are slowly receding and people are waiting for the pending clean up.

Mitigation is going to be the main focus moving forward on this issue, but one expert has some ideas on how we can move forward.

The Ottawa River is unique, stretching about 1,300 kilometres with nearly 20 dams and overlapping two provinces. Executive Director of the Ottawa Riverkeeper Patrick Nadeau tells the Rick Gibbons show on 1310 NEWS' coordination between all the different municipalities is needed.

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