Today's letters: Fighting the floods in Ottawa and Gatineau

By Tom Scanlan and Meg Sears, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, May 1, 2019

(...)A bad time to cut programs, Mr. Premier

After cutting the flood-control program, cancelling the 50-million tree planting operation and opposing the carbon tax, Premier Doug Ford has the nerve to visit Ottawa pledging support for flood victims. He is like an arsonist who burns down your house, then shows up a week later offering to help rebuild it.

(...)Stop ignoring lessons already learned

I write not to ascribe blame, but to urge adaptation for the next time. Had we stuck with previous lessons learned, today’s story would be different.

After Hurricane Hazel wrought massive flooding and destruction of property in 1954, Ontario established Conservation Authorities. They mapped floodplains, to avoid repeating this costly misery. Hydrological and ecological benefits of wetlands and floodplains were protected. Toronto still has parks instead of homes in ravines along waterways.

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