Selley: Trudeau's carbon-intensive vacations send a curious message to Canadians

By Chris Selley, Ottawa Citizen, April 26, 2019

Robert Kokonis, president of the aviation consultancy AirTrav, told the Financial Post this week that by 2030, a family of four could “easily” be paying $600 in carbon tax for a flight from Toronto to Vancouver. That’s based on predictions and best guesses as to where the tax rate goes and how it applies after 2022, when the federal government’s current plans top out at $50 per tonne; but even at $50, Kokonis claimed that family will likely be paying $120 extra just to fly from Ottawa to Toronto and back.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer retweeted the interview on Friday afternoon, weaponizing it for partisan effect. “Imagine you’ve saved enough to finally go on that family vacation, or that you have to fly home from Vancouver to Fredericton to take care of your mom,” he suggested. Now imagine that costing $600 more. Justin Trudeau is making your life more expensive.”

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