Boswell: Let's get OC Transpo working for its passengers again

By Sam Boswell, Ottawa Citizen, April 25, 2019

I’ve taken OC Transpo my entire life; my family didn’t have a car for much of my childhood and my husband and I still don’t have a car now. I’m an avid transit user and I remember what Ottawa’s transit system looked like when it worked.

I remember when you could look at a paper schedule and bet on a bus arriving within a few minutes of that time. I bused to junior high, high school, university and a whole range of jobs and I was rarely late because the buses were mostly (mostly!) on time. I grew up just east of Vanier and we made fun of the rowdy ‘Ole #2 (“The Zoo”), of course, but we rarely talked about really late or completely missing-in-action buses. OC Transpo didn’t just stop running when it snowed. Fares were reasonable. We sometimes got bus bunching but not three or four buses in a row.

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