City should up its road-painting game, report finds

By Matthew Kupfer, CBC News Ottawa, April 25, 2019

It's time for the city to spend millions of dollars to upgrade the equipment it uses to paint lines and other markers on roads, according to a staff report.

The report outlines the need for new equipment to use a more permanent thermoplastic paint, to dry road surfaces to allow for work on rainy days, and scour off outdated markings.

The city currently has one truck to paint 5,500 kilometres of road and 6,500 intersections every year, the report adds.

(...)The city has been using an environmentally friendly, low-volatile organic compound paint since the federal government passed regulations in 2012. That paint doesn't last a full year on Ottawa's roads.

The report recommends using more durable paint on major arterial and collector roads for centre lines and lane markings. Other markings and minor streets would not get the more permanent paint.

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