Dog poop (and plastic bags) coming to Ottawa green bins by Canada Day

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, April 18, 2019

The company that runs the organics-processing plant on Hawthorne Road says it’s on track to have its new equipment ready to accept plastic bags by Canada Day.

Michael Leopold, general manager of Renewi Canada (formerly Orgaworld), said the company has told the city it will be ready to roll for the new program on July 1.

“We’re well on pace for that,” Leopold said Wednesday.

The city hasn’t announced the exact date when people can start tossing plastic bags and dog feces into their green bins. While the processing plant might be ready, it’s up to the city to say when people can begin tying up their kitchen slop and dog feces in plastic bags and toss them in their green bins.

The environment committee voted Tuesday to move ahead with a summer implementation of the tweaked green bin program, even though councillors heard from public delegates who are concerned about allowing plastics in the organic waste stream.

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