Lets Talk About Trees – planting and maintenance essential to a healthier community

By Lesley McKay, StittsvilleCentral, April 16, 2019

Last week, Councillor Glen Gower held his ‘Let’s Talk About Trees’ to a gathering of over 50 people at Hazeldean Gardens. He invited city staff —members from the Forestry Branch and the Parks Planning and Development Branch to inform the crowd about the inner moving parts of how city trees are planned, planted and maintained. The group also learned more about the various city forestry and parks programs and how our green spaces can be saved in our community. These programs are available to the public, schools and community organizations to participate in planting new trees.

Did you know that the City of Ottawa plants approximately 2,200 trees per season? Another 10,000 are on the watering list across the city. The city plans to plant 500,000 trees over the next four years across the municipality. The trees planted are native to Canada with the majority coming from Southern Ontario.

Tracy Schwets, is the Program Manager for the Ottawa’s Tree Planting Program. She informed everyone of the Urban Forest Management Plan. Tracy told the group that her program starts planning one year ahead for the decisions made of where and what type of trees to plant. There are many programs available to assist with the planting of our trees and she outlined each one in detail. If you want to be included on the ‘tree’ list for next year, you better get your request in this year.


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