Climate crisis rally calling for more action from Ottawa City Hall

By Victoria Williston, 1310 News, April 16, 2019

A crowd of Ottawa residents are calling on the city to declare a climate emergency.

About 200 people attended a rally, Tuesday morning, organized by the group Ecology Ottawa. It's calling on the City of Ottawa to respond to what they're calling a "climate crisis."

The newly elected city councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe, Rawlson King was in attendance, along with city councillors Matthieu Fleury, Catherine McKenney, and Laura Dudas.

A number of demonstrators were also heard chanting, "where's our mayor" as Jim Watson was not among the city officials who attended the rally.

(...)In a release, Ecology Ottawa said, "The United Nations has made it clear we now have 11 years to avoid catastrophic impacts to the world's species and ecosystems."

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