Turkey trouble: Outaouais farmers say birds are gobbling up their livelihood

By CBC News Ottawa, April 15, 2019

Wild turkeys are wreaking havoc on western Quebec's farms, leading to calls for better control of the hungry birds' population.

The Union of Agricultural Producers (UAP) says wild turkeys have been causing more and more trouble as their population grows.

"We want to find a solution, find a way to control them without exterminating them," said Stéphane Alary, UAP vice-president for the Outaouais-Laurentian region.

(...)It's not just Outaouais residents who've had run-ins with the birds. From terrorizing a Barrhaven retirement home to running around the downtown core, wild turkeys are a frequent sight in Ottawa as well.

(...)"We're taking over a lot of their habitat," she said. "As a lot of rural areas and forested areas are being turned into housing developments, the turkeys have to go somewhere."


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