Watson wants more clarity on Ontario budget

By Ted Raymond, CTV News Ottawa, April 12, 2019

(...)Mixed review on Transit

On other files, like transit, Watson says he’s both pleased and disappointed. He’s happy to see the Province’s commitment of $1.2 billion for Phase 2 of LRT, but unhappy with the fact that Queen’s Park will not be doubling Ottawa’s share of the gas tax.

“Governments get elected and they’re entitled to make different decisions,” Watson says, “but it was made very clear during the election campaign that that commitment of doubling the gas tax would continue. So, we’re going to sit down with government officials to let them understand that this is a big issue for us. Most of the dollars were going to go toward mass transit projects.”

Watson says he has asked the City Treasurer to come back with solutions to fill the gap of the planned gas tax increase. He says Phase 2 of LRT is not at risk because of the Province’s move.


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