Why Ottawa city staff favour a more expensive garbage contract

By CBC News Ottawa, April 10, 2019

Uncertainty over provincial rules has city staff favouring a short-term contract for garbage pickup to give it more flexibility, even if it comes with a higher cost.

A report going to the city's environmental protection, water and waste management committee next week recommends the city consider a three-year contract starting in 2020.

If councillors approve this short-term deal it would mean an approximately $10 per year per household price hike in 2020, another at about the same price in 2021 and a smaller hike in the final year.

(...)Staff argue that could leave the city struggling because of changes the previous provincial Liberal government brought in.

New rules

Those changes include standards for diverting waste from landfills, plans to standardize recycling across municipalities and having manufacturers pay for the cost of recycling their products.


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