This round house in Wakefield uses post-consumer waste and sacred geometry - to beautiful effect

By Melanie Scott, Ottawa Magazine, February 19, 2019

While G7 nations argue over how to deal with climate change and plastic pollution in our oceans, municipalities across Canada are balancing the costs and benefits of reusing what we throw into our blue bins.

What if, instead of processing those metals and plastics, we put them to use more directly? What if we used them in groundbreaking house design?

Wakefield builder Bradley Robinson has thought a lot about this, but rather than writing a thesis or presenting at conferences, he has gotten his hands dirty, building houses with the maelstrom of waste that typically gets trucked to recycling facilities. The founder of SHE Build — the acronym stands for sustainable home environment — subscribes to the tenet of architect and design theorist Christopher Alexander, who challenged contemporary practices with the goal of having communities reclaim control over their built environments. Alexander wrote “… when you build a thing, you cannot merely build that thing in isolation but must repair the world around it.”

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