Local tool library continues to grow, adding shared workspace next month

By Andrew Pinsent, 1310 News, April 10, 2019

The Ottawa Tool Library is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for everyone’s ‘do-it-yourself’ needs.

The Tool Library offers up a variety of hand, power and garden tools for members to use for personal projects, much like a traditional library but without the books.

The Library, located on City Centre Avenue, also holds monthly workshops that offer a chance to learn and provide tips on how to complete a wide-variety of projects, from fixing that hole in the drywall you left trying to hang a picture or fixing that floorboard that won’t stop squeaking.

The Tool Library has grown exponentially over four years, from roughly 250 tools to now about 2,500, while yearly memberships have gone from 0 to 1,465, according to co-founder Bettina Vollmerhausen.

“The more people that use these tools, the better is for the environment, the better it is for our community, for their pocketbooks and so we want to increase that,” Vollmerhausen said in an interview with OttawaMatters.com.


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