Today's letters: The leaky tunnel and other LRT problems in Ottawa

By Sinclair Campbell and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, April 5, 2019

Two mistakes on the LRT project

Re: Waterproofing ‘non-conformance’ flagged during inspections of LRT tunnel in 2018, April 3.

Our esteemed Mayor has made only two mistakes dealing with the new LRT Stage 2 project. The first involves spending big money on “art” to decorate the LRT station walls. Instead, he could save taxpayers money by arranging photos of the citywide pot holes. The second issue is hiring (instead of screening out) a firm that did not technical qualifications.

(...)Go back to the drawing board on the LRT tunnel

Water is likely to leak into the LRT tunnel and, your article states, “there’s not much the City of Ottawa can do about it.” The tunnel was always a bad idea conceptually and now it seems will be even worse in practice. So let’s rescue the art and bury the tunnel. Go back to the drawing board and think about why we thought we needed a tunnel in the first place. Was it because cars were cluttering up our streets downtown? Instead of taking steps to limit private vehicles in the city centre as so many cities across the world have done, we decided a tunnel was in order.

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