Permafrost landslides are eating great swathes of Arctic landscape

By Quirks and Quarks, CBC, April 6, 2019

A Canadian permafrost researcher has discovered that vast swaths of Canadian Arctic landscape are melting and sliding away as temperatures rise in the Arctic.

Antoni Lewkowicz, a professor of geography at the University of Ottawa, led a team that found a massive increase in a particular kind of landslide called "retrogressive thaw slumps," on Banks Island, the westernmost island in the Arctic.

(...)The team used Google Earth Engine Timelapse to count the increase in the number of these slumps from 1984 to to 2016.  This tool provides a way to look at sequences of Landsat satellite images to provide a time-lapse picture of landscape changes.  Initially the work began as a student assignment until they realized how significant the changes were.

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