Ottawa committee will debate climate change emergency on April 16

By Anna Desmarais (CFRA), CTV News Ottawa, April 4, 2019

Councillor Shawn Menard confirmed to 580 CFRA that he will introduce a motion calling for a formal climate emergency declaration that will be debated and voted on at the environment committee's next meeting.

The motion, if adopted first by the committee and then by city council, would force city council to adopt a series of recomendations on how to prevent and mitigate climate change.

(...)A climate rally organized in part by Ecology Ottawa is expected to take place before the environment committee meeting on April 16.

Robb Barnes, president of Ecology Ottawa, said the rally is supposed to encourage city councillors to support Menard's motion.

"We are trying to get city council fired up about this," Barnes said. " We can make a better city by responding to the climate crisis."

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