Today's letters: Climate change or hot air from Ottawa MP?

By Louise Bourgault and Alan Watkinson, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, April 3, 2019

Climate change more important than MP’s speechifying

Re: Conservative finance critic Poilievre begins ‘marathon speech’ in attempt to force more SNC-Lavalin testimony, April 2.

Half the first page of the NP2 section is a photo of Conservative Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carleton, wasting taxpayer money by preventing serious discussion of the nation’s budget. The news that should concern all Canadians immediately is the fact that our county is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. That is found in a tiny column on page 3 of the section. Your priorities are showing.

(...)Can government be trusted on the environment?

Re: Canada’s failure to fight climate change ‘disturbing,’ environment watchdog says, April 2.

Does anybody in this time of “SNC truths,” find it a tad coincidental that Environment Canada’s published report on climate change calamity is released the same week the unpopular carbon tax is enacted on bad-boy provinces?

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