Embattled Parliament Hill elm tree's fate sealed after last-minute Liberal vote kiboshes stay of execution

By Marie Danielle Smith, Ottawa Citizen, April 2, 2019

OTTAWA — After hearing witness testimony at an emergency meeting of a House of Commons committee Tuesday, Liberal MPs — bolstered by the last-minute arrival of one of their members — struck down an opposition motion to delay the removal of a beloved elm tree on Parliament Hill.

While other House of Commons committees have been busy with ostensibly weightier matters, the Procedure and House Affairs Committee has been preoccupied with the fate of a centenarian American elm which stands just east of Centre Block in the middle of what has become a construction zone a construction zone. Now, despite pleadings from local environmental groups and community associations, it will be felled as soon as mid-April, as part of preparatory work for the decade-long project to renovate Parliament.


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