Marching into the future

By Bailey Moreton, The Charlatan, March 28, 2019

Thousands of students united in cities across the world and marched in protest as part of the Global Climate Strike on March 15. The global cry for change was aimed at political leaders, calling on them to start taking meaningful action to combat climate change.

“There’s been a really awesome push from young people to claim their voices and empower themselves, as a result of lack of leadership from ‘adults’ on climate issues,” said Lauren Latour, renewable city organizer with Ecology Ottawa.

(...)Latour, got her start in climate activism in school with the fossil fuel divestment movement, when she was a student at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

“The fossil fuel divestment movement was taking young people who were really passionate about environmental issues and taking action on climate and politicizing them, and teaching them the importance of community organizing and movement-building.”

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