Today's letters: Parties' behaviour defies common sense

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By Martin Adelaar, Andrew Hartshorn and Evelyne LeChef, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, March 23, 2019

Something stinks in LRT secrecy

Re: LRT Secrecy is unacceptable, March 14.

Mohammed Adam has effectively raised some important and necessary questions concerning the Phase 2 LRT construction contracts awarded to Kiewit-Vinci and SNC-Lavalin. City staff refused to disclose fundamental information regarding the contracting process and, nevertheless, a large majority of councillors voted to approve the largest contract award in the history of the city.

(...)Modern roads are like apple crumble

About 10 years ago, I watched, and smelled the new asphalt surface going down a road near my house. You could expect the surface to remain strong and flat for up to 10 years, and be plowed to the surface every year. Occasionally a pothole would have to be filled; and compressed to the hardness of the surrounding asphalt. But it would last.

Then we had a “green” revolution, in which the asphalt was changed for something resembling apple crumble. Within a year, it was cracked in all directions and had potholes. It couldn’t be snow-plowed to the surface because that damaged the asphalt. But it was “green.”

(...)No one here but us chickens?

Re: It’s time for some micro-farming in the Ottawa metropolis, March 20.

Bravo to Brigitte Pellerin. What a wonderful article: level-headed, rational, realistic.