'It's Vanier's time': Ottawa neighbourhood set for $50M renewal project

By Vito Pilieci, Ottawa Citizen, March 9, 2019

The owner of Bobby’s Table, a small family restaurant located on Montreal Road, always seems to be busy.

On a recent Tuesday, his place is packed before 9 am. The only seats left are next to the cash register on raised bar stools.

The diner was born in 2009 from the ashes of the famed Nate’s Deli on Rideau Street, and has since become somewhat of a fixture in Vanier. It attracts customers from across the city and plays host to a group of regulars daily.

(...)New water mains and sewers will be installed, electrical lines are expected to be buried in order to expand sidewalks. The road is being resurfaced. New community spaces and parks are to be added. Bike lanes, in the form of elevated cycling paths, will be constructed, creating a link between Vanier and Rideau Street to encourage commuters to bike downtown. As much as $400,000 has also been set aside for public art installations along the roadway.


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