Why Kingston has declared a climate emergency — and what that really means

By David Rockne Corrigan, TVO, March 7, 2019

KINGSTON — Following in the footsteps of Vancouver, Halifax, and more than 300 municipalities in Quebec, Kingston city council unanimously passed a motion on Tuesday night to declare a climate emergency.

“Therefore be it resolved, that the City of Kingston, officially declare a climate emergency for the purposes of naming, framing, and deepening our commitment to protecting our economy, our eco systems, and our community from climate change,” read the motion brought forward by councillor Robert Kiley.

Kingston has called itself “Canada’s most sustainable city” since 2009; its climate action plan, released in 2014, was ranked number one in a November 2018 survey of municipal climate action plans from across the country. Now it’s the first Ontario city to declare such an emergency.


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