Ottawa Is The Coldest Capital City In The World Right Now

By Narcity, March 7, 2019

Yes, we know it's cold.  And yes, we're sick of hearing it. But, no matter how many times we learn a crazy fact about how brutal Canada's winter really is, it never gets any less shocking, does it? On the morning of March 7th, as Ontario continues to hover 10 to 15°C below seasonal, Ottawa has it the worst once again. As of 5:00 AM Thursday morning, Ottawa is the coldest of the world's capital cities, beating out competitors like Reykjavik and Moscow.

CTV Ottawa's Josh Pringle reported it this morning. At 5:00 AM, it was an arctic -19°C in Ottawa. The Weather Network now tells us it has dipped to -20°C, feeling like -21°C.  That's not just a few, but many degrees colder than other capital cities in the world right now,  according to Time and Date's World Temperatures List.

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