Today's letters: Should we approve LRT Phase 2 this week?

By Jim Paulin and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, March 5, 2019

Let’s see LRT Phase 1 in action first

Re: Stage 2 LRT deadline arriving in a rush, March 4.

We have no idea at this point whether Phase 1 of the LRT will work reliably in the winter, nor what the costs might be to make it work reliably, and who will end up paying those costs. Meanwhile, city council is being pressured to approve the $4.7-billion LRT Phase 2 expansion.

Before taking on a huge new contractual obligation for LRT Phase 2, the city should insist on seeing Phase 1 operate smoothly through next winter, with any required costs to make it work reliably in the winter being born by the RTG construction consortium. Only then will we and the construction companies know what the true costs of LRT Phase 2 are going to be.

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