Egan: Shut up and sign: keep trains on time but public in the dark?

By Kelly Egan, Ottawa Citizen, March 3, 2019

The plans for Stage 2 of LRT released a few days ago have rattled some neighbourhoods, but here at Citizen/Sun headquarters, we were genuinely touched.

Touched, as in — “the THING is TOUCHING us” — with its tentacles landing on our lawn on Baxter Road.

I looked closely at the drawings for the proposed Queensview station, which is tight up against the north side of the Queensway, between Woodroffe and Pinecrest. Snaking from the station is a long overhead walkway that crosses the highway, and heads right for my desk by the window, whereupon it makes a sharp turn west, but not before I can wave at everyone on their way to IKEA.

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