Icy sidewalks a slippery subject as city sets roads budget

By Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, March 1, 2019

Residents descended on Ottawa City Hall Friday to demand something be done about sidewalks that have become treacherous and impassable as layers of ice continue to build underfoot.

Terrie Meehan told councillors on the city's transportation committee how her wheelchair has seen so much wear and tear this year it needs replaced. She said some friends have been unable to leave their homes, period.

(...)City staff will review maintenance standards, which haven't been updated since 2003. The review should be complete and any changes implemented by the winter of 2022-23.

"When the standards were done the focus on pedestrian movements wasn't what it is today," said Coun. Stephen Blais, who chairs the transportation committee. "Frankly, the focus on walking and cycling in the suburbs wasn't what it is today."


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