OC Transpo causing irritation for Stittsville ridership

By StittsvilleCentral, February 24, 2019

On Thursday, February 21, Ottawa’s Transit Commission met and Councillor Glen Gower, Ward 6 Stittsville, was present. We would like to share his update from that meeting and how Stittsville will be affected by transit service – at least until the LRT is up and running.

“Ottawa’s Transit Commission met on Thursday morning. I took the bus in and was 9 minutes late due to congestion on the Transitway downtown. STO buses that normally use Wellington Street were re-routed due to the truck convoy downtown.

Being 9 minutes late was not a significant problem for a meeting that spanned over 4.5 hours. The main item on the agenda was the OC Transpo budget for 2019.  From a budgeting perspective this is a unique year. The launch of LRT will represent a significant change for Ottawa’s transit system, and the uncertainty around the launch date makes the budgeting and planning process for 2019 extremely challenging.


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