EGAN: Route 269 finds the ordinary a month after deadly crash

By Kelly Egan, Ottawa Sun, February 9, 2019

They died on a wintry Friday like this, very near this hour, after leaving from this bus stop — or one just like it — set in a windy canyon on the Mackenzie King Bridge between the Rideau Centre and the National Defence building.

Just after 3 p.m., here comes Route 269, the sun already low and almost blinding. A crowd clambers on, bundled like winter warriors. Who would ever sit in the top of a double-decker again after the carnage we witnessed on Jan. 11, when three were killed and dozens were injured?

But here we are, four Fridays later, the top level filled after a couple of stops, before the bus even departs downtown. Maybe it’s how we deal with the tragic: by wrapping ourselves in the comfort of the normal, the everyday. Sit where we sat yesterday and it will all work out.

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