Today's letters: City shouldn't dip into reserves for core activities

By a number of writers, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, February 9, 2019

(...)Reserve funds should be refunded

It’s a rather curious thing, this city of Ottawa reserve fund. It seems there is over $400 million in it, from under-spending and over-taxing. Now all the departments and special interest groups are standing with their hands out, demanding this money.

(...)There’s gridlock inside the greenbelt too

Re: Like suburban life? Then stop gridlock griping, Feb. 1.

Brigitte Pellerin’s arrogant, self-congratulatory comment on suburbanites’ complaints about traffic services or infrastructure is infuriating. She argues people have chosen to trade access for commuting, and so should just deal with it.

(...)Stop picking on the inner city

Brigitte Pellerin has nailed it. Picking your location – the ‘burbs – then complaining that you don’t have all the “benefits” of living in the city’s core is indeed a bit much.

(...)Only elected people should sit on city committees

Re: Council toes charter line in asking questions about transit commissioner, Jan. 30.

As a past co-chair of the city’s Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee, I took great interest in the selection of the four public members for the Transit Commission. As a member of an advisory committee, I could not vote on any decisions made by the Environment and Climate Protection Committee. But members of the Transit Commission do vote.

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