City of Ottawa Budget 2019

By Theresa Cavanagh,, February 6, 2019

(...)In 2019, the City is looking to invest $15 million to build more affordable housing for residents. This funding will allow the City to start construction on about 125 new affordable housing units this year. Should other levels of government match this unprecedented municipal investment, this could double construction to up to 250 new units. Many of these units will be built near transit or light-rail stations.

(...)Draft Budget 2019 includes measures to improve neighbourhood quality of life, such as a plan to reforest areas hit by the 2018 tornadoes. In this Term of Council, $1.49 million will be spent annually to plant 500,000 trees and regenerate Ottawa’s forest cover across rural, suburban and urban communities.

(...)The budget includes a 25-per-cent increase in funding for ward-led traffic-calming projects across the city, up from $40,000 per ward to $50,000.

(...)Residents can:

  • Register as a public delegation at a budget review meeting of any committee, board or commission.
    • Members of the public can make a five-minute presentation at meetings taking place between February 14 and March 5. A list of upcoming meetings is available at
  • Contact your City Councillor to express your view about Draft Budget 2019.
  • Email [email protected].
  • Tweet @ottawacity using the hashtag #ottbudget.
  • Call 3-1-1 / 613-580-2400 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

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