City budget drops ball on climate change, advocates say

By Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, February 8, 2019

Environmental advocates say a "business as usual" draft city budget doesn't go far enough to tackle climate change, and they want the mayor declare a climate emergency as other cities have.

Ecology Ottawa is one of many organizations now parsing the budget tabled earlier this week to figure out if it thinks city spending has changed for the better — or worse — in areas it deems a priority

(...)"On a lot of these other items, the city is just playing it by the book and saying 'steady as she goes, business as usual,'" said Robb Barnes, Ecology Ottawa's executive director.

"We don't think that's sufficient. We think we're in an emergency period, the United Nations tells us this," he said, referring to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last fall that said the world has until 2030 to dramatically reduce emissions or risk severe droughts, floods and poverty.

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