5 things to watch for in City of Ottawa's 2019 budget

By Joanne Chianello and Kate Porter, CBC News Ottawa, February 5, 2019

(...)2. Transit fares frozen
The city put off raising the price of OC Transpo fares in January, after the light rail system failed to get up and running in 2018 as planned. Expect to see that 2.5 per cent fare increase delayed until at least July — that's if the twice-delayed LRT is actually ready by March 31, as promised.
(...)3. Mayor's promise to fix more roads
Watson has also promised to use part of the proposed three per cent tax increase to fix infrastructure, especially roads.

In 2017, the city's infrastructure gap sat at about $70 million. In other words, if the city actually fixed everything that needed fixing, from roads to community centres to tennis courts, it should have been spending an additional $70 million a year.


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