One of Kitchissippi’s best-known street artists paints a picture of his future

By Charlie Senack, Kitchissippi Times, January 7, 2019

Since moving to Ottawa six years ago, Arpi, an acclaimed street artist, has had an active role in Ottawa’s art scene.

He has been the creator of many murals in Kitchissippi, including a large composition over the entrance of Railbender Tattoo Studio located at Armstrong and Hamilton. On that same building, two finches add a touch of colour to the wall of the former location of the Orange Art Gallery. Arpi is also responsible for a mural on Lowrey Street near Garland, and another near Maker House on Wellington Street West.

(...)“Nature is the ultimate artist and beauty is all around us,” says Arpi. “If you’re open to it or not, it’s there. If you look at a forest, it’s beautiful. If you look at a tree, it’s beautiful. Even if you look at one leaf, it’s beautiful. The best thing we can do is learn from our environment and work with it.”

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