Eggertson: What's in a name change? A waste of Ottawa Council's time

By Bill Eggertson, Ottawa Citizen, January 28, 2019

The City of Ottawa will consider renaming one of its standing committees of council … again.

Four years ago, the Environment Committee was renamed Environment and Climate Protection Committee (ECPC) to boost the city’s profile on climate action and to mimic a similar name change by the new federal government. Although this semantic tweaking may have contributed to a sharper focus on carbon reduction at the local level, I expressed my concern at the time that changing a name just to reflect trendy priorities could distract from other important aspects of our local environment.

(...)The future of Ottawa’s environment is far too important for any group to squander any time or any resources for any arbitrary reason. It requires a clear and consistent vision that we can and must protect and improve many issues in our community, guided by the setting of achievable priorities by this term of council.

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