Today's letters: Of libraries and LeBreton Flats

By Rick Dowd, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, January 22, 2019

Roadwork before books, councillors

Re: Carol Anne Meehan calls out mayor for not allowing her to bring staffer into budget meeting, Jan. 16.

Although I do not necessarily agree with the main premise of Coun. Carol Ann Meehan’s video post last week, I do agree with her road repair concern. If we are honest, just how many citizens of Ottawa have actually visited the Ottawa Public Library in the past 10 years? What is really important to taxpayers?

Do we want more recurring sink holes? Do we want more vehicle repairs? Really, do we need a $200-million super library with Library and Archives Canada or is the government just trying to keep up with larger and more prosperous cities at the expense of taxpayers?

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