This is how much meat you should eat in a week

By Cara Rosenbloom, 1310 News, January 19, 2019

Besides what you eat, many dietitians focus on WHY you make certain food choices. Your diet may be dictated by budget, accessibility, health, time constraints or how your individual food choices affect the planet.

There’s not one right diet that works for everyone. But the buzz about eating less meat and more plant-based foods is getting lots of traction, since it ticks many of these boxes – it’s affordable, nutritious, environmentally sustainable, and is the recommended eating style for preventing many chronic health conditions, including heart diseasestroke and some types of cancer.

That’s why the new Planetary Health Diet comes at a perfect time. Created by a team of more than 30 world-leading scientists on a committee called the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health, this plan represents a scientific consensus for a diet that’s nutritious and sustainable, since it is rich in plant-based foods and has fewer foods from animal sources.

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