Ottawa LRT inspections reveal drainage system gaffes, concrete-filled sewer

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, January 21, 2019

Taxpayers will be the owners of a $2.1-billion transit system this spring, one that, according to newly released inspection records, will include a clogged drainage system at a downtown LRT station and some unchecked concrete along the rail corridor.

So-called non-conformance reports are produced as a regular part of construction. The city and light-rail system builder Rideau Transit Group each have inspectors who file the reports when they find something was not done according to the plans during construction. When an inspection uncovers a problem, the builder proposes a fix, it’s reviewed by engineers and it’s put into effect.

The cost of immediate repairs for such issues are covered by the builder, as part of its contract with the city. However, if gaffes don’t appear to hurt the infrastructure’s durability or operation, mistakes are often accepted as part of the final construction. In some cases, the city might not know for decades if the mistakes will come back to haunt it.

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