Letting students opt out of transit fee could jeopardize u-pass program

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, January 18, 2019

OC Transpo’s u-pass program, which provides more than $30 million in revenue for the transit service and deep discounts for passengers each year, could be doomed if the provincial government’s new “opt out” rules for non-tuition fees apply to public transit agreements with student associations.

It couldn’t come at a worse time as the city prepares to launch an LRT system that would deliver municipal rail service to two campuses starting this spring and a third campus in four years.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative government announced this week it would give post-secondary students choices when it comes to the compulsory fees that are in addition to tuition. The u-pass could be one of those fees if the government or schools don’t consider public transit an essential fee.


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