Today's letters: More on the Westboro bus crash

By Patricia Larkin and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, January 17, 2019

Passengers were left in chaos

Re: Editorial: Probing the OC Transpo bus crash, Jan. 12.

The phrase in your editorial, “We know that OC Transpo worked diligently to get transit users to their destinations …” may be true, but not for the direct survivors.

My daughter was sitting at the back of the bus that crashed, on the second level. After climbing down the ladder, she and the other lucky survivors were held in another bus to keep warm (unfortunately in direct sight of the ongoing emergency response, but that is another issue). Police asked for their names, phone numbers, and to provide a written statement if desired. They were then let go after about an hour, to make their way to street level, where they were told buses were waiting to take them on their way.

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