Today's letters: Homeless contract raises questions

By Mark Brooks, Ottawa Citizen Letter to the Editor, January 12, 2018

(...)A ticket for charging my electric vehicle. Really?

I recently decided, out of concern over climate change, to do my small part by getting rid of my gas-powered car and buying an electric vehicle (EV). Much to my dismay, on the very first day I plugged it in on the street outside my townhouse in Westboro, I received a parking ticket from the city. The reason? The power cord that I ran from my house to the vehicle was considered a hazard that someone might trip over.

I live in a townhouse complex on a quiet street with no sidewalks and I do not have my own driveway. Charging my car while parked on the street shoulder is the only way I can do it. Ottawa, what do you want me to do? I’m trying to reduce my emissions and do the right thing here, yet I was rewarded for my efforts with a $40 ticket, even though the charging cable barely touched public property and does not cross a sidewalk.

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