Today's letters: On the Public Service's real woes, LeBreton and matters of thanks

By Dono Bandoro and Carol Clemenhagen, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, January 5, 2019

(...)Municipalities right to pursue costs Re: Turning up the heat on climate change, Jan. 2

I applaud the efforts being made by municipalities in British Columbia to forge a united front to confront the threat of climate change by demanding accountability from the oil and gas companies for their contribution to climate change. No one can really blame these municipalities for taking an activist stance on climate change. After all municipalities are at the fore front when it comes being impacted by climate change, such as flooding, forest fires and destruction caused by increasingly severe weather changes. The key for these municipalities is to ensure that they absolutely understand the scientific facts behind climate change and being able to articulate and educate companies as well as their constituents on the negative impacts of climate change and to develop strategies to mitigate them. Other communities across Canada should follow in their footsteps and take up the challenge of confronting climate change intelligently within their communities.

(...)Why not think green at LeBreton?

With the meltdown of RendezVous LeBreton, the NCC now has a rare opportunity: to make reforestation and re-naturalization our LeBreton Flats re-development. The public’s priorities are clear. Protected green space was the strongest direction to the NCC in all its consultations on LeBreton Flats. A concern was the threat of multiple unit housing overtaking green space. The NCC should be considering an urban forest for LeBreton Flats, a renewable asset offering immeasurable natural beauty, practical green house gas absorption, and public recreation in the heart of the city.

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