Today's letters: Our addiction to speed and what to do about it

By J.P. Trottier and others, Ottawa Citizen Letters to the Editor, December 22, 2018

Go after ‘road terrorists’ directly

Re: Speeding – Our roads make it too easy, Dec. 18.

I thank Brigitte Pellerin for her essay on making Ottawa streets safer, an issue of growing concern to many residents of this city. Unfortunately, redesigning our primary and secondary roadways through a “complete streets” design approach comes at enormous costs to taxpayers and more importantly, achieves little in tackling the root cause of the issue: bad driver behaviour.

These drivers routinely and knowingly disrespect speed limits as well as other road signs, or race through school zones or blast through stop signs, threatening the lives of children, cyclists, residents and other drivers. Perhaps a more accurate label for these disrespectful drivers is “road terrorists.” And when road terrorists speed through Ottawa roadways, they do so knowing full well the potential consequences of their actions. The message they give us is that they simply don’t care about your safety.

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