Ottawa newsmaker 2018: This was supposed to be the Year of the Train. It wasn't.

By Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, December 27, 2018

This year was one of disasters, tragedy, boondoggles and love. From wild politics to wild winds to a Senators team that couldn’t stay out of the news, 2018 was filled with twists and the unexpected. It was also a year in which the whole city paused to mourn, after losing its Butterfly Boy. In 2018, some narratives transfixed us, while others dominated our conversations — and here, in our annual newsmakers series, we return to examine the year’s biggest stories. Today, the train that never came. 

Two city slogans died in what was supposed to be the Year of the Train: “On track 2018” and “on budget and on time.”

LRT trains are running today, but not with any fare-paying passengers. The tests on the 12.5-kilometre Confederation Line continue and Canadian taxpayers, who through the federal, Ontario and Ottawa municipal budgets have provided $2.1 billion to build the transit system, wait for the day to ride the rails.

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