Dudas: Time is right for Ottawa's east end to become an economic hub

By Laura Dudas, Ottawa Citizen, December 27, 2018

Seven new Ottawa city councillors recently took their places at city hall. We invited each to outline their priorities. Today: Laura Dudas, councillor for Innes ward, focuses on east-end growth.

The perception of many who live in Ottawa’s east end is that the east end gets the short end of the economic stick, losing out to other areas of the city when it comes to attracting high-paying jobs and consequently skilled labour.

(...)The roads, public transit, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in the east have not kept pace with residential development, resulting in congested roads and long commute times for residents heading west or south for work. This has hurt the quality of life for residents in both new and older east-end neighbourhoods, and it has put a strain on our existing road infrastructure. While job relocation, infrastructure challenges and traffic have led to longstanding frustrations amongst residents, we have a very real and present opportunity to change the tide.

The next four years will mark a transition for the City of Ottawa and, more specifically, for the east end. With new and impending infrastructure and transit developments, thoughtful planning can ensure that long-sought economic growth and effective transportation networks become a reality.


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