T is for traffic: The truth behind Ottawa's traffic lights and the intersections we hate

By Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen, December 25, 2018

Everyone has their own, that one intersection they feel is the worst in the city. A red light seemingly frozen in time, like a mosquito in amber, or, for pedestrians, a walk signal much shorter than the time needed to actually cross.

Mine is at the corner of Sunnyside and Bank streets, where eastbound motorists on Sunnyside during the afternoon rush hour can wait for what seems like a hell-spawned eternity before they get to the other side.

As I sit in my car, its idling engine burning a Mazda-sized hole in the ozone, I tell myself that city officials are likely simply unaware of the mistake that was made when the lights were programmed. I imagine how delighted they’ll be to hear of this error, realizing the joy they’ll be able to bring to countless residents who JUST WANT TO GET HOME.


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